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As a nation of islands with 16,000kms of coastline and the maximum distance from land to sea around 128km, this glorious country benefits from a temperate maritime climate. The extremes of heat and cold experienced by other landlocked, continental countries mostly don’t apply. The unique climate, coupled with the soil structure and our passion for the land, is what contributes to producing world renowned Nobilo wines.

New Zealand’s wine growing regions are found between latitudes of 34° to 47° and cover a distance of 1,600km from most northern to most southern. To maximise the diversity of the distinct micro-climates, Nobilo grows grapes in a wide range of local climatic conditions and soil types promoting highly distinctive regional flavours. The northern hemisphere equivalent would run from Bordeaux (between the latitudes of 44° and 46°) down to southern Spain.

Nobilo vineyards are located at outstanding sites, predominantly coastal, which benefit from clear, long sunlight hours, sea breezes and cool nights. These areas enjoy long, dry autumns, which allow slow ripening so grapes develop intensity as well as good acid structure.

This balance between fruit and acidity is one of the key signatures of Nobilo wine, and an important reason why they work so well with food.

There are 4 main growing regions: