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Winemaking Philosophy

Classic, Quintessential Marlborough

More than 75 years after Nikola Nobilo crafted his first wine, his philosophy lives on as winemaker David Edmonds seeks to create the purest expression of what New Zealand's clean, green land has to offer.

Parcels of fruit from vineyards in Marlborough are carefully selected to craft classic and sophisticated wines with distinct regional character. For Nobilo Icon wines, the vineyard selection is further limited to only the finest parcels throughout Marlborough. The result is vibrant and complex wines with exceptional intensity.

Today Nobilo wines, in particular our Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, enjoy international acclaim.

How do you say classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc? "Nob-Eh-Lo."

David Edmonds

Nobilo Winemaker

"I've always been drawn to Sauvignon Blanc's capacity to bring the palate alive. I'm also convinced the tools for making wines of complexity and depth have never been greater—my mission is to unlock the possibilities still undiscovered!"

Nobilo Winemaker David Edmonds
New Zealand Wine Regions

Nobilo vineyards are located at outstanding sites, predominantly coastal, which benefit from clear, long sunlight hours, sea breezes and cool nights. These areas enjoy long, dry autumns, which allow slow ripening so grapes develop intensity as well as good acid structure.

This balance between fruit and acidity is one of the key signatures of Nobilo wine, and an important reason why they work so well with food.



New Zealand's pristine landscape, cool climate and diverse soil types have been here for centuries, yet they only became widely known over the last 30 years. The unique climate, coupled with the soil structure and passion for the land is what contributes to New Zealand‘s world-renowned wines.

Early settlers - like Nikola Nobilo - driven by their desire to create and enjoy a drink more acceptable to their traditional European palates, planted grapes and made wine with the intention of sharing it amongst their family and friends.

Over the years, New Zealand wine became sought after and overseas demand soon followed for wines produced by the early innovators of the industry. The earliest vines were planted in the North Island, yet as they ventured farther into pure New Zealand, they found something amazing - a place of supreme grape-growing potential. Vineyards sprang up across the countryside.

New Zealand wine is distinctive for its purity, vibrancy and intensity and is home to what many wine critics consider the world's best Sauvignon Blanc. Oz Clarke, a well-known British wine critic wrote in the 1990s that New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc was "arguably the best in the world".

It was Sauvignon Blanc that put New Zealand on the wine map, however the diversity and sophistication of New Zealand wine styles has assured the love affair with New Zealand wine lives on around the world.

Today, with the dedication and innovation of wine producers like Nobilo, New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs continue to improve each year and are still considered some of the finest in the world.